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RJ Batts to appear on the Smithsonian's STEM in 30 program September 20, 2017

RJ Batts, inventor of the Tip Tough will appear on the Smithsonian's program STEM in 30. The program is for middle school students and can be accessed at to be watched live on September 20, 2017, from 11:00 to 11:30 am or viewed as an archive.

The title of the show is Building a Better Mousetrap and Inventing the Airplane: All About the Patents. RJ invented Tip Tough when he was 12 because his father, who is a chef, came home with a bad cut. RJ decided that people should be safe in the kitchen and through 3D printing, trial and error, and networking the Tip Tough was born. Tip Tough encases your fingers in a stainless steel box with a knuckle guard that goes to the second knuckle protecting your hand from sharp knives. The spikes on the bottom hold the food while you are cutting. Used by professional chefs and home cooks the Tip Tough is now found in stores, restaurants, and at

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